Brazil will seek Chinese technology and investment to develop semiconductor industry

2023-03-26 10:15

Brazil will seek Chinese technology and investment to develop its own industry despite U.S. attempts to block cooperation with China in semiconductors, a senior adviser to the Brazilian president said.

According to Reuters, semiconductors will be the focus of Brazilian President Lula's visit to China next week. Lula's chief foreign policy adviser, former foreign minister Celso Amorim, said Brazil could not take sides amid rising tensions between the United States and China. Lula's trip will seek China's cooperation in promoting Brazil's sustainable development and digital economy.

Amorim said the two countries were preparing to sign an agreement on the China-Brazil CBERS small satellite program that began in 1988, as well as an agreement on the production of communication and microelectronic equipment.

The U.S. government signaled that ties to Chinese microelectronics production would be unwelcome, which could affect Brazil's plans to produce semiconductors amid a global shortage.

"I don't pay attention to the information. If the US wants to, they can offer better terms and we will choose them," Amorim said.

Asked about the U.S. discouraging technology deals with China, he commented: "We have no preference for a Chinese semiconductor factory, but if they offer good terms, I don't see why they say no."

Amorim expressed support for U.S. support for Brazil's democratic process, while adding, "I can't decide where I'm going to buy a chip or something based on these values. In fact, the chip doesn't have these values, it has no value."

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